Open Hearts and Homes for Children (OHHC) is a non-profit Christian organization consisting of volunteers who have been touched by the plight of children growing up in institutions in Eastern Europe. We volunteer our time so that a group of school-aged orphans may have the opportunity to meet and spend time with loving families who can provide recreation and cultural experiences, and bring positive change to their lives. OHHC provides institutionalized children with a unique vacation experience to share the love and life of a Christian family, enjoy recreational and cultural activities, and make long term caring relationships.

OHHC enables orphanage children to travel to America, live with families and participate in vacation activities. The program provides the opportunity to experience family life to children who would otherwise never get that chance. It also gives Americans the chance to meet the faceless children they often read about, bringing personal awareness of the plight of children growing up in orphanages. And most importantly, it allows these children to find families and meet people who will care about them after their visit is over, giving each participant a chance for a more hopeful future.

Twice a year (summer and winter), OHHC plans to bring a group of orphaned children to America for a 3-4 week vacation. The children will predominantly range from ages 7-14, and will originate from the countries of Latvia and Ukraine.  We are receiving information about children who are available to travel, but are in need of finding host families to sponsor them.  Host families are asked to have a mini-homestudy, provide clearances, attend a pre-hosting preparation session, and raise or donate the costs associated with the child’s travel. The cost of sponsorship is approximately $2800 per child.

Contact a local Open Hearts & Homes representative for Christmas 2016 Hosting Information.

OHHC is not an adoption agency. Your role as a host family is to provide your host child with a safe, nurturing environment and to introduce them to family life, American culture, and to provide them with a recreational and educational experiences.